Caffe Vergnano


For four generations, coffee for the Vergnano family is art, culture and devotion. It is a tradition that dates back to 1882 when Domenico Vergnano, the grandson of the current owners, started the business by opening a small commodity store. The business began to deal with sales and coffee roasting, so the Vergnano family's historic mission was decided. With the construction of the Santene factory in the 1970s, Vergnano confirmed that Vergnano is one of the most prestigious Italian prague coffee. With a factory of 8,000 square meters, nine automated production lines and two-digit growth, Vergnano has proven to be the sixth Italian coffee maker in the chain of mass trade since 2001 until today, and is a thriving business that is able to challenge dynamically and professionally new market challenges.


Caffe Vergnano is not only served in the hotel's business, but Vergnano coffee can be bought in the restaurant. Coffee is on the pizzas either at the Pizzeria or at the Restaurant.

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